Sajal Kapoor

I aim to translate every moment into a memory!

When people ask me what kind of a photographer I am, I say, I capture a little bit of everything, and that’s quite true!  From Weddings, Engagements, Celebrity shoots, Sports & Travel, I am fortunate to have worked with an array of clients. Photography gives me a chance to revisit time and make every occasion a celebrated one!

I was born in Jaipur, Rajasthan and spent my childhood here. From my father, I garnered knowledge of compositions and aesthetics. Soon photography became my passion. Without further delay, I moved to Mumbai to pursue cinematography and direction.

One day, my mentor Deepesh Agarwal asked me to accompany him for a wedding shoot in Goa, Mauritius and Phuket. This is when, I realised my real passion is capturing happy moments and with cinematography, I added photography as my main. It was on this trip that I had an ‘Epiphany’ of transforming my passion into a profession. When I’m not on shoots, I am usually either exploring the world, collecting scuba diving license or snowboarding in Kashmir. I also maintain a travel blog to capture my escapades. I started promoting my photography through my blog. Soon, I was capturing events such as Formula 1, Tour de France, US Open and the recent IPL.

I started Epiphany in 2015, with a vision to create my space in the industry and extend my love for photography. With Epiphany, my journey to creating timeless and everlasting moments has just begun.

Our Team

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Creative Director

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Talib Iqbal
Creative Associate

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